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Notary Public

The library offers notary services in accordance with the New Jersey Notary Public Manual, published by the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, Division of Revenue. Notaries witness a patron signing a document or signing a sworn statement on a document. The library notary attests that:

  • The signer of the document appeared before the notary,

  • The notary positively identified the signer, and

  • The signer both acknowledged the signature as his or hers, and that the signature was made willingly.

Please call ahead to be sure a notary is available(201-652-5104). This service is free to Waldwick residents. Non-residents will be charged $2.50 per page.

Please note: the Waldwick Library does not provide witnesses for documents. Witnesses must accompany the patron. Library staff will not serve as witnesses for any documents.

Copy Machine/Printer

The library maintains a copy machine for public use. Copies cost 15 cents each.

The library maintains a printer for public use. Black & white prints costs 15 cents per page. Color prints cost 25 cents per page.

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