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Book, Media, Puzzle & Game

Donations Accepted

The Waldwick Library will gladly and gratefully accept book, media, puzzle and game donations.

Items that are donated are evaluated and if they can't be added to our collection, they are put into the book sale, the proceeds of which help to fund the purchase of new materials.

Donations should be in new or gently used condition, undamaged and free from yellowing, water stains and malodorous scents. Puzzles and games should have all their pieces.

We are happy to accept hard cover and paperback books for both adults and children, DVDS and music CDs. We ask that you bring no more than one shopping bag of materials at a time due to storage constraints.

We do not accept:


               Reader's Digest Condensed Books


               Encyclopedia Sets

               Out-of-Date Non-Fiction Books

Please do not leave items outside. They will get ruined and we will have to send them to the recycling center!

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