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                         Unattended Children Policy

The Waldwick Public Library welcomes children all ages to use and enjoy the facilities, collections and programs offered by the Library in a safe and comfortable environment. Service to children is an important facet of the Library’s mission.Of paramount importance is the safety and well-being of children as well as adults who visit the Library. As such, children are expected to adhere to the same standards of conduct expected from adults. Parents, guardians, caregivers or designatedchaperones are responsible for the behavior of their children while in the Library.Children under the age of ten(10)may not be left alone on the Library premises without the supervision of a parent, guardian, caregiver or designatedchaperoneage sixteen (16) and above. The Library staff is not authorized to act in place of parents, guardians or caregivers and cannot adequately monitor unattended children. Unaccompanied children over the age of ten who are disruptive will be asked to leave the library. If it is determined that a child cannot safely leave the library to return home on his or her own, staff will permit the child to call a parent, guardian, caregiver or designated chaperone. If no parent, guardian, caregiver or designated chaperone can be contacted, Library staff will allow the child to remain at the Library until the responsible adult can be contacted.Action regarding an unattended child under age ten (10) years, including contacting the police, social services, or another agency, will be taken when his/her health or safety become an issue or there is disruptive behavior in violation of the patron Code of Conduct.Children who have not been picked up at closing time will be given the opportunity to call a parent, guardian, caregiver or designated chaperone and two(2)staff members will wait inside the vestibule with the child.Children who have not been picked up within fifteen minutes after closing will be left in the care of the Waldwick Police Department. Under no circumstances will staff transport children in a vehicle or accompany them home. Approved By Board of Trustees 11/18/15

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